Patena♬ Sudo family in Nasu highland

 If you visit Nikko, we highly recommend staying in Sudo family’s warm home.

Hiroyuki, Hiromi and their son, Kosuke are all musical people and love to welcome visitors.

They introduce you to the rural Japan and local food since Hiromi is a very good cook. In there, you will experience the real Japanese family life as if you visit the nicest friends of you.

It takes only about an hour from Nikko by car, or you might like to visit them straight from Tokyo by one-hour bullet train ride. The famous Haiku poet Basho once stayed in this area longer than other destinations during his journey. Hot springs are another enjoyment with Sudo family. They would be happy to take you one of the nearby hot spring resort areas.

With the nice view of the Nasu mountain range and warm heart people, you will be really relaxed and happy from bottom of heart.

Are you interested in the tea ceremony, too? You can try it through the instruction by Hiromi.

How about wearing Kimono to take a photo? It must be fun to try.

Among these activities, the most enjoyable part must be talking with them over a sip of Sake.

They have varieties of stories to talk with you. We are sure that you will find Patena as your second home in Japan and come back to see Mr. & Mrs. Sudo and Kosuke sometime in future.



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