Kita Kmakura ➡Hase➡Enoshima island

Kamakura used to be a Samurai head quarters,which still has the Zen atmosphere. 

If you are lucky, super view of Mt.Fuji will welcome you.


Mr. Yoshiaki Takekoshi”AKI-san”

The owner of gallery AKI in Zaimokuza, Kamakura. He says it should be pronounced as Zeimokuza. He used to ran a Sake shop, then changed the shop to a gallery since his daughter, Momoko and himself are both artists. Momoko is a Japanese style art painter while Aki-san is a designer of wood carvings. We came across by accident. A kite stole my lunch on Kamakura beach, so I looked for somewhere else for lunch, instead of the lunch place, I found the gallery which brought my husband and I to Kamakura to live eventually. Gallery AKI has a cozy gallery café for your coffee break or light lunch. You will meet Aki-san & his wife Yumiko-san who are the typical Shonan fashionable couple and can enjoy talking with them. It is just 10 min. walk from the Kamakura station. Come and visit!