Yumiko Sugai

Yumi was born and grew up in east Tokyo where people took care of each other warmly. Her father worked for JNR, Japan National Railways, for more than 50 years, which took Yumi all across Japan by enjoying the family discount. This background eventually became an ideal training for her as a future tour guide. She majored in Chinese ancient literature and Chinese language in Waseda univ. & Qinhua univ. in Beijing. Yumi stayed in west coast of US, then started guiding in English & Chinese and teaching English back home. Yumi set up Kingfisher JAPAN KK in 2017 to introduce the essence of Japan through her sharp eyes. She specializes in Japanese art and literature, also is an expert of leading walking & trekking tours as well. As a distinctive storyteller, Yumi takes you an enjoyable time travelling during your stay in Japan.


Chiyoma Izumi

 Izumi was born and grew up in Kyoto city, except for one year staying in the United States as an exchange student at a public high school. She worked as a travel agent for four years after graduating a junior college in Kyoto. Besides making reservations and planning itineraries, she enjoyed leading tours as a tour conductor. 

She has been working as an English-speaking tour guide since 2006. She loves to introduce famous and beautiful places, and traditional culture such as tea ceremony in Kyoto, moreover, she would like to invite you to her ‘secret’ less crowded paths in Kyoto. She also enjoys meeting local cats and dogs with her clients during her tours.

She loves practicing yoga, flower arrangement, and traveling to the world heritage sites around Japan.

She is getting her MA from the English Department in the spring of 2019, and will continue her research in academia, focusing on the ‘English for tour guides’, and ‘Interpreting Japanese Culture in English’. 


Toshiyuki “Toshi” Kida

Born and raised in rural Japan, Toshi grew up enjoying slow paced country living and abundant activities in the mountains. However, his interests were always placed on something foreign beyond the boundary of his known world. 

In 1975 Toshi took a two-year sabbatical leave from Chuo University and travelled to Israel, Spain and Canada, all along encountering life-altering events and in 1978 after graduating from the university he emigrated to Canada where he had built a successful career in jewellery industry over thirty-year period while residing in Montreal, Toronto, Calagry and Vancouver until his retirement in 2013. 

In 2014 Toshi embarked on a second career as a seasonal guide in Japan traveling between Japan and his current residence in Washington, DC, USA. He spends most of downtime contemplating and planning for next adventures! 


Ritsuko Nakayama

I was born in Osaka and now live in the suburbs of Kyoto. Before becoming a tour guide, I was an English tutor at home and helped high school students pass university entrance examinations. I was also an English instructor at universities, teaching TOEIC to college students. In my free time, I enjoy Yoga lessons, traveling, skiing and visiting historical sites in Kyoto. I am also enthusiastic about Japanese history, culture and art. I do exciting tours not only to Kansai area such as Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Kobe, Himeji and Koyasan but also around Hiroshima, Miyajima, Takayama and Shirakawa-go. I like meeting people and sharing my knowledge and experience, and exchanging conversations with the guests. I am looking forward to seeing you soon.


Eiko Kurokawa

I am Eiko Kurokawa. I was born and grew up in Kumamoto in Kyusyu (the third largest island of Japan) I spent four years of my university life in Tokyo. 

I have been living in Yokohama for more than 43 years. Yokohama is located next to Tokyo and also is an attracting port city. 

I’m in the 60’s and I work for a public organization as a counseling staff for foreign residents in Yokohama, as well as a tour guide.

I’ m interested in foreign language and I study French once a week.

I like to watch Kabuki, traditional Japanese drama performed by male actors and Kyogen which is also a traditional Japanese comic drama.

Let me help you savor your stay in Japan!


Atsuko Sakamoto(坂本 敦子)